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Texas Insurance Caps – Birth Injury Safety Check

Sadly, for the families of babies with birth injuries, everything is NOT bigger in Texas.

When preventable birth injuries happen, victims rightfully file claims to cover the costs of surgery, rehabilitation, and wrongful pain and suffering. Unfortunately, Texas doesn’t seem to care as much about suffering without a price tag attached. In this video, birth injury attorney Laura Brown discusses the unfair capping of medical malpractice cases in Texas, and why an experienced Texas attorney is so important to your case.

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Why You Should Know What “Caps” Are – Birth Injury Safety Check

No, not a baseball cap. A “cap” is a limit on the amount of money you can get in certain types of lawsuits. Some states treat birth injury cases very differently than others, allowing the jury to decide how much the victim deserves. Others cap the amount a victim can receive.

Birth injury attorney Laura Brown explains why in the video below. To find out about your state, contact Birth Injury Safety today.

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Impacted by the Safety 1st Step or Go Travel Systems Recall?

Defective products are a danger to consumers, especially when a company delays announcing a safety recall. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to test and inspect their products before they are made available to consumers. Unfortunately, many companies do not take this obligation seriously. It is estimated that thousands of innocent consumers are harmed by defective products each year, but due to the size and power of manufacturing companies, few consumers consider taking legal action.

If you were impacted by the Safety 1st Step and Go Travel System recall, you should know your rights.

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Four Year Old Takes His First Steps Thanks to the Kindness of a Stranger

upseeImagine a child who is only able to move around by crawling or riding in a wheelchair. Well, that was life for a four year old New Jersey boy named Luis Tamarez. You see, Luis has Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a movement disorder that affects a child’s ability to control muscles and movement. Cerebral palsy can be the result of brain injuries that occur during pregnancy or birth. Cerebral Palsy ranges in severity depending on how serious the brain injury is and can cause mild to severe disabilities.

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Flexible Spoon Making It Easier for People with Cerebral Palsy to Eat

LiftwareImagine not being able to feed yourself or only being able to eat with your fingers. Eating foods like soup would be very messy and probably out of the question. This would have a severe impact on your diet and your independence. Unfortunately, many people with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other motor control conditions have a great deal of difficulty feeding themselves. Fortunately, some of the better minds in technology have come up with a product that will allow people with cerebral palsy and severe shakiness to sit at the table with their families and feed themselves.

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Types of Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps

During a difficult childbirth, a doctor may use forceps to pull the baby from the birth canal. In most cases, the use of forceps results in a healthy baby and happy parents, but if used improperly, forceps can injure a newborn’s skull and brain. When this occurs, parents often feel alone and confused about their rights. Continue reading to learn more about two major dangers of forceps injury and other mechanical birthing devices.

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