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Birth Injury

Category: Medical Malpractice

Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Erb’s Palsy

Combating the Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy With Physical Therapy

Erb’s Palsy is a birth injury that is caused when the nerves in the baby’s neck and upper arm are damaged during childbirth. During birth, doctors sometimes attempt to deliver the baby by pulling or tugging on the baby’s head if the baby is moving too slowly through the birth canal or if the baby becomes stuck. Unfortunately, the nerves in the baby’s neck and upper arm are fragile and vulnerable to injury if they are stretched too far or torn. If these nerves – the brachial plexus nerves – are damaged, the child can sustain a serious and permanent injury to the affected arm, shoulder and/or hand. The child may have weakness, immobility, absent or decreased reflexes, and deformity of the arm or hand known as Erb’s Palsy or brachial plexus palsy.

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Understanding the Role Nurses Play In the Delivery Room

What Responsibilities do Labor and Delivery Nurses Have in the Delivery Room?

In the delivery room, doctors aren’t the only medical professionals playing a vital role in the health and safety of a baby and his or her mother. Labor and delivery nurses also play a critical role in the delivery and care of babies, and usually assist the doctor during childbirth. As medical professionals, nurses must be capable, educated, and trained to think critically, make sound nursing judgments, and act quickly. If you have ever wondered about the role of nurses in the delivery room, keep reading to learn more.

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Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Mistakes at or Near the Time of Birth

One of the greatest moments in your life is experiencing the birth of your child. As a parent, you prepare for months in advance of your child’s birth in close partnership with medical staff to ensure your baby is healthy.

Prenatal vitamins, regular prenatal doctor visits, and the delivery of the baby all happen under the supervision of trained physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

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