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Birth Injury

Category: Legal Responsibility

Five Essential Questions Every Expectant Parent Should Ask

If you are expecting a child, it is normal to feel a strange mixture of joy, anticipation, and anxiety. What is the best way to stay healthy during pregnancy? What happens if there are complications? There are many questions you may have for your OB/GYN during your pregnancy. Most medical professionals encourage parents-to-be to ask them questions, but many expectant couples still feel a bit awkward about questioning their doctor. If you are expecting, be sure to ask your physician the following questions before labor.

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Learning More About Defective Car Seats

The Dangers of Defective Car Seats

Most parents trust car seats to protect their newborns and toddlers in the event of an accident. Fortunately, most car seats are designed to do just that, and the majority are manufactured to the highest safety standards possible. Unfortunately, some car seat manufacturers still proceed to produce and market subpar products to the public, despite the myriad safety rules and regulations with which they are legally bound to comply. If your child has been harmed by a defective car seat, keep reading to learn more about your legal options.

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Who Can Be Legally Responsible or Liable for a Preventable Texas Birth Injury?

Legal responsibility and liability for birth injuries in Texas depends on the details of what happened during the labor and delivery. The first step in investigating a potential birth injury case involves finding out what went wrong during the labor and delivery and identifying the medical personnel who were involved in the medical mistakes.

Any type of medical provider who makes a medical error which causes a birth injury can be legally responsible and liable. This includes doctors, midwives, nurses and other types of medical personnel who were involved in the labor and delivery.

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