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Birth Injury

USA Today: Investigation Reveals America May Be the Most Dangerous Developed Nation to Give Birth In

Four Year Investigation Reveals Harrowing US Birth Injury Rates

USA Today conducted a four-year in depth investigation into the US’s hospital maternity wards. Their conclusions from tracking hospital records and interviewing leading professionals in the field  is that from 1990 to 2015 the rate of maternal mortality has risen in the US while declining in other similarly developed nations. USA Today reports that failing regulations and a lack of following basic long-known safety measures is what is causing this terrible divide.


“Experts say that about 50 percent of the deaths of women from childbirth-related causes could be prevented if they were given better medical care and that’s a really surprising thing  given that we’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we spend so much on medical care. We’re not just talking about the women who die, we’re talking about 50,000 U.S. women who are suffering life-altering harms,”

– USA Today investigative reporter Alison Young on CBS News


Hemorrhage and Severe Hypertension Routine Failures

The report goes into detail about how hospitals routinely fail to accurately measure blood loss during birth. Doctors are eye-balling blood loss instead of weighing bloody pads. Preventable mistakes are being created because there isn’t a unified protocol being followed around the US. Trainers with The American Hospital Association were quoted with saying in their own studies as many as 93 percent of women who bled to death during childbirth could have been preventable if the hospital was accurately tracking the blood loss. Further they talk about the needless risks this also imposes on women experiencing preeclampsia where over 60 percent of their deaths were preventable as well.


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USA Today: Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it.

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