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Birth Injury

“I’m Walking, Yes!” [CAN’T MISS VIDEO!]

Maya Tisdale of Michigan has brightened all of our lives with her simple expression of joy as she took her first steps at 4 years and 10 months old.

Born in 2013, Tisdale was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at one year’s old. CP is a type of birth injury which affects a person’s ability to move and balance. The kind of CP that Tisdale has is called Spastic Diplegia, meaning that both of her legs have problems with rigid muscle tone. (For an explanation of the four major kinds of CP, click here).

Because of her early diagnosis, Tisdale’s parents were able to opt for a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. This surgery relieves the muscles in a child’s legs of some of the rigidity and allows the child to grow up with less pain and more mobility.

To follow Tisdale’s journey and for more inspiration for anyone suffering from cp, check out:

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