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Birth Injury

‘Never I Can’t Do It, Only I Can’t Do It Yet’ – Inspiration on How to Live with Cerebral Palsy

Emily Dorffer is about to graduate from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in English. She is an inspiration to her peers, a lover of writing, a published author, and oh, yeah, she also has cerebral palsy. The author of an anthology about authors from around the world who have disabilities, Dorffer downplays her disability, saying “It’s my life it’s my normal, I understand that it’s not most people’s version of normal, but it’s mine.”

While Dorffer scoffs at the idea that she should be called an inspiration, her attitude on life is certainly that–for anyone who is struggling with trying to overcome a barrier or an obstetrical caused by cerebral palsy or any disability, her mentality of “never I can’t do it, only I can’t do it  yet” is an excellent mantra.

Congratulations Emily, and keep writing!