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Birth Injury

What Is Cytotec and Should It Be Used? – Birth Injury Safety Check

Ever heard of Cytotec? It’s a brand-label hormone (misoprostol) given to people to prevent stomach ulcers. AND it’s common in some delivery rooms–being used off-label to induce labor.

With any off-label use, there will be serious risks. Birth injury attorney Laura Brown goes over the dangers Cytotec poses during childbirth, for both mother and baby.

Cytotec is a drug that is used to initiate labor; it’s in order to ripen the cervix to get the cervix, the women’s cervix ready for delivery. And so, Cytotec used in this way is an off-label use; it’s not the use intended for the drug, but it is commonly used like that.

And it’s inserted up next to the cervix and allows the cervix to get ready for labor. Then when labor is induced, another drug called Pitocin, Pitocin is given to cause the uterus to contract. Well what has been known in medical science for a number of years, is that women who have had a cesarean delivery before, have a scar in their uterus from the cesarean delivery, but then when those women later want to try to have a baby vaginally, it’s called a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section), the use of Cytotec and Pitocin increases the risk that a women that is a VBAC will have a uterine rupture, which is very dangerous for the mother and the baby. The uterus rips open and the baby can be extruded out of the uterus and it can cause the baby not get enough oxygen to his brain; it can cause a very serious birth injury.