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Birth Injury

Is Preterm Birth Dangerous? – Birth Injury Safety Check

“Preemies” may be small and cute, but there are serious downsides to being born too early. What are these dangers? Can they be avoided? Birth injury attorney Laura Brown gives a quick run-down of some problems that come with premature birth.

Babies who are preterm, they are not full term gestations, are vulnerable to situations which cause a variation in the amount of oxygen to their brains because developmentally, their brains have not developed to the point that they can auto regulate their own blood pressure so they are very vulnerable to changes in blood pressure and to changes in the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain.

They are not able to protect themselves whereas a full term baby might be able to protect himself. If you have a child that has suffered a preterm birth and has a birth injury and would like to know whether or not this injury could potentially have been prevented contact my law firm and we will talk with you about what happened and review the medical records to see if the injury that your child has suffered could have and should have been prevented.