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McRoberts Maneuver

What Is the McRoberts Maneuver?

The McRoberts maneuver is a procedure performed to release a baby's impacted shoulder during shoulder dystocia. The mother's legs are held back in a flexed position and pulled to her chest to further open the pelvis and allow the baby's shoulder to be released. At the same time suprapubic pressure is applied to the mother's lower abdomen over the pubic bone.

Fundal pressure, pressure applied to the upper abdomen, SHOULD NOT be used. Fundal pressure can cause serious injury to the mother and the baby.

When a child has suffered an injury related to prenatal care, labor, or delivery, it is understandable for the parents to have questions about the injury, their legal rights, and the legal rights of the child. Birth Injury Safety welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about what has happened to your child and about your legal rights. Consultations are free. Contact us today at +1 (855) 925-1041 to speak with birth injury attorney Laura Brown and find out how we can help you.

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