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Nuchal Cord Birth Injury

Umbilical-Cord-Related Injuries and Risks

What Is “Nuchal Cord”?

"Nuchal cord" refers to a situation in which the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the baby's neck. There may be more than one loop of cord around the neck.

Nuchal cord is usually caused by the baby's movement through a loop of the umbilical cord. Nuchal cord may be detectable by electronic fetal heart monitoring. Certain patterns of the baby's heart rate, like "variable decelerations" of the heart rate, are often associated with nuchal cord. Nuchal cord may sometimes be visualized on color Doppler ultrasound. Nuchal cord with one loop of cord around the baby's neck may occur in approximately 20% of deliveries.

Nuchal cords do not always cause injury to a baby.

If the cord becomes tightly wrapped around the baby's neck, it can cause damage to the brain by preventing sufficient oxygen from reaching the brain. If you believe that the umbilical cord was wrapped around your baby's neck and your baby has suffered an injury, we are happy to talk with you to determine whether or not the injury could have been prevented.

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