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There is no time when life is more fragile than during those delicate moments of birth. This is why, for expecting parents, the moments before the absolute joy of bringing a child into the world can be so anxious. While living in a first-world country makes the likelihood of your child suffering a birth injury highly improbable, it still can happen.

Statistics show that out of every 1,000 infants born in the United States, six to eight of them will suffer some type of birth injury. That totals up to about 28,000 American infants each year. That’s just too many, but then again, one is too many. This is why our law firm, Birth Injury Safety, is launching a national campaign to raise awareness about birth injuries and work toward eliminating as many as we possibly can.

Birth Injuries and Their Aftermath

“Parents deserve to know the truth about the causes of cerebral palsy and have the right to know whether events during labor or delivery caused damage to their child’s brain.”
- Laura Brown

A few types of birth injuries, like Erb’s Palsy, can be fully recovered from; but most will affect a child and his or her family for the rest of their lives. A birth injury can result in severe mental and physical disabilities that may require professional in home care. If the parents are qualified and choose to be the child’s primary caregiver, this can mean the loss of a career or a major reduction in earnings. Severe handicaps from birth injuries can also demand special equipment and household and vehicle modifications, like special beds, wheelchair ramps, and lifts. And it’s very likely that the child will require special schooling, corrective surgeries, and years of physical therapy - all very costly things. And let’s not forget the change in a parent’s lifestyle a birth injury can cause; not to mention the pain and suffering, isolation, and alienation the child is going to have to endure. These future expenses are why many birth injury settlements involve a life care plan.

Free Case Review to Learn About Your Rights and How to Protect Your Child:

If you have a child who suffered birth injuries due to negligence, you need to secure your future as well as his. To find out more about compensation for birth injuries and life care planning, call birth injury lawyer Laura Brown for a free consultation by dialing (214) 974-4121 today.

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